• Come home to a little history.

    Do you like history?  A strong sense of community?  Then you should consider living in the West Settlers District.  The area has come a long way since its early days dating back to as far as 1894 when it became one of the first African-American settlements in Delray Beach.  Originally referred to as “The Sands”… Read more »

  • The snowbird flies the co-op??

    This month we are going to talk about co-ops or more formally known as  Cooperatives and how they differ from the more common condominiums we see in Florida. Best described by Wikipedia ” A housing cooperative is a legal entity—usually a corporation—that owns real estate. The corporation is membership based, with membership granted by way of a share purchase in… Read more »

  • Hi there my name is Del-Ida, welcome home.

      Ohh here he goes again dragging me in with catchy titles that have nothing to do with the story..  Hah not this time.  So who – what is Del-Ida?  Well if you are going to call yourself a local you will have to familiarize yourself with this beloved historical districts just North of downtown…. Read more »

  • Ohhhh Please, Please, Please, FORGIVE ME….

    Unfortunately this month I am forced to drift away from my usual love stories of historical Delray neighborhoods.  There is a major issue facing homeowners who are underwater in their homes and time may have run out. The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 was set to expire on December 31st and as of… Read more »

  • We’re Moving to Nassau, No Not the Bahamas’!

    To wrap up my unplanned series reviewing the 5 Historical Districts of Delray which are featured in the Local Register of Historical Places  we finally get to go beach side.  The Nassau Park District runs elegantly perpendicular to our beautiful beach here in Delray.  Starting at Venetian and ending at A1A the Nassau District is… Read more »

  • Now that’s what I call living in a School Zone!!

    Ever been caught at the traffic light as you enter Downtown and wondered what the giant white buildings with endless lawn space on the Northeast corner of Atlantic Ave and Swinton are?  These centrally placed buildings are landmarks in history of our educational system known as Old School Square.  The Elementary School building (closest to… Read more »

  • Osceola Park – What Park?

    It’s a typically beautiful Delray Sunday afternoon in February when I receive a call from a friend asking if I would like to see her new piece or art being presented in Osceola Park.  It takes me a second before I reply “Osceola Park?” wait there is no actual park…… Osceola Park is the neighborhood… Read more »

  • Short Sales, Foreclosures, and Bank Owned – OHH MY??

    Your thinking about investing but what is with all these terms.  Lately it seems like every dinner party you attend someone at the table is rambling on and on about this great deal they landed on a bank owned property.  So here is some basic info to consider. First we need to understand the differences. … Read more »

  • So you want to be a landlord in Delray….

    You have been watching the news and reading on line about the shortage of available rentals around Delray and are starting to think maybe you should grab a few rental properties…..  Well in my opinion the time is right so let’s look in to what you need to consider. First thing is whether or not… Read more »

  • The Rehabbers Mortgage

    So you are ready to Rehab a home.  You have seen the shows on TV and boy they make it look so easy.  We will leave the construction tips for a future article and focus on the most important part – finding the money. The problem here is banks aren’t real keen on loaning money… Read more »